Fine Dining, Fast Casual & Quick Service Restaurants.

Increase Revenue by Providing Your Customers with a Platform To Reserve, Order and Pay More Efficiently.

Mobile Reservations – Sit Down/Take Out/Delivery

Introducing OMTN (Order My Table Now), Coming Soon To The App Store; whereby, your customers can make a Sit Down Reservation at your Restaurant, Pre-Select Their Menu, and Pay in Advance, OR Request Pick up/Delivery Services from the very same application.

Digital Ordering Concierge-Directories

Your Guests Can Now R.O.P. ™ for their Fine Dining or Casual Dining Restaurant, just by using your local Airport’s, Hotel’s, Mall’s, Theme Park’s, and Cruise Line’s Digital/Ordering Concierge Directory, strategically placed on Apple Ipad’s throughout each of the latter mentioned venues.

Imagine, Mr. & Mrs. Smith arriving tired and hungry at their gate, with your on-site or local restaurant, placed on Apple iPads and/or on Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s iPhone; advising that you are open for a reservation, to pre-select their menu, pay in advance or just open for pick up or delivery, all at their fingertips….

Restaurant IPad Menus

Your guests will be able to order directly from their tables, their entire menu at their leisure, as well as play video games, watch the news or the weather channel and pay their bill, all at their fingertips.


Dining just got a whole lot smarter with Digital World International's purpose-built technology platform. We are transcending mealtime into a dining experience with exciting games and interactive entertainment for adults, kids and families alike.

Leverage the insights and experience of our experts. Contact us today to plan the most strategic, customer-focused dining experience that will 'wow' your customers and proven to increase restaurant revenues by 25%.