Hotel, Digital-Ordering Concierge / Directory, Application

Everything that your guest needs to know about, can be found at their fingertips, either on The Smart Stand and/or downloaded from the app store onto your guests mobile devices.

Your guests can now use OrderMyGuestServicesNow, coming shortly to the app store, to Reserve, Order & Pay for their Hotel Reservations. It is easy as 1234

Introducing an Amazing Brand New App Called, Order My Guest Services Now also known as OMGSN, coming soon to the App Store; whereby, your guests can Reserve, Order & Pay in Advance for their Hotel Accommodations, from their room type to duration of stay and so much more. The Hotel, Digital-Ordering Concierge/Directory is inclusive of all Restaurants and Retail Shops (both inside and outside of your Hotel); Hotel Services, Seminars, A Virtual Check-in, Sight Seeing Attractions and so much more..

Include Your Hotel in the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Digital-Ordering Concierge/Directory, Application

How would you like your Hotel to reach 80,000 passengers, per day via on the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood/Marshall Airport, Digital-Ordering Concierge/Directory, Application?

You only need to email us at or reach out to us at 954-384-8879 in order to find out how to be included on this worldwide acclaimed application.